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Meet our Board

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Family First Credit Union is governed by a Board of Directors all of whom are members of the Credit Union. As a mutual, all members of Family First Credit Union are equal shareholders and any adult member can nominate for a position on the Board.

As a Director of the Credit Union, all Directors must satisfy the Fit & Proper requirements as set down by the prudential regulator APRA. All Directors must also undergo a certain amount of ongoing training and continuing professional development in order for them to discharge their fiduciary duties in the best interests of the Credit Union.


Colin Lenton - Board Member since 2006

Chair of the Board from 2015

Chair of Corporate Governance Committee

Chair of Board Renewal & Remuneration Committee

Bachelor of Business

Diploma of Financial Services

Graduate Diploma AICD 2007

Member, Australian Institute of Management

Affiliate, Institute of Internal Auditors

Associate Director 2004 to 2006

Deputy Chair


Kathy Dickson - Board Member since 2010

Deputy Chair of the Board

Memberof Corporate Governance Committee

Memberof Risk Committee

Memberof the Board Renewal & Remuneration Committee

Associate Director 2009 to 2010

Diploma in Financial Services

Diploma in Management




Peter Cafe - Board Member since 2000

Chair of the Risk Committee

Memberof Corporate Governance Committee

Member of the Board Renewal & Remuneration Committee

Member of the 50th anniversary committee

Graduate Diploma AICD 2011

Chair of the Board 2007 - 2015




Jim Couper - Board Member since 2016

Board Appointed Director 2016 - 2017

Chair of Audit Committee

Member of Risk Committee

Member of the Board Renewal & Remuneration Committee

Graduate Diploma in Marketing

Associate Director 2015 - 2016




Antony Benetatos - Board Member since 2015

Board Appointed Director 2015 - 2017

Member of Risk Committee

Bachelor of Economics

Bachelor of Laws

Master of Applied Law (Family Law)

Associate Director 2014 - 2015




Lynette Safranek - Board Member since 2016


Board Appointed Director 2017 - 2018

Member of Audit Committee

Diploma Frontline Management

Graduate Diploma Local Government Management

Member Local Government Professionals

Associate Director 2016 - 2017







Stephen Flynn - Board Appointed Director since 2018

Board Appointed Director 2018

Associate Director 2017 - 2018

Member of Audit Committee

Bachelor of Commerce

Bachelor of Laws








All members of the board hold one ordinary share in the Credit Union.

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