Electronic Statements are available now! Print

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Electronic Statements are a more convenient and environmentally friendly way for you to receive your Bank statements. You can replace the clutter of paper and you can look back on old statements via Internet Banking as well as check your latest one as well.


Electronic Statements at a Glance:

  • Electronic Statements are Free
  • Easy to print, save and email statements
  • All you need to register is Internet Banking and an email address
  • Have a joint account or loan? Both parties will need to be registered for Internet Banking and opt in to Electronic Statements

How to Switch

  • If you don’t have Internet Banking or your email recorded with us, please call us on 1300 369 900 or ask in your local branch
  • Log into internet banking
  • Select ‘Online Statement Options’ from the ‘Account Options’ menu
  • Select your accounts that you want to elect to receive Electronic Statements for
  • Scroll down and click OK
  • Scroll down again and confirm your selection again to finalise
  • Select Finish