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Below you will find information on the fees and charges applicable to Family First’s products and services. A proportion of these fees are payable to third parties. Family First’s policy is to adopt a system of rewarding members based on their level of commitment to Family First Credit Union.

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Relationship Balance Fee Rebate Scheme

Use Family First Credit Union for all your banking needs and be rewarded through our Relationship Balance Fee Rebate Scheme. It’s simple! We will calculate your average monthly balances across all of your accounts, review your age and length of membership, then determine the number of free transactions you are entitled to. Any transactions in excess of this calculation will be charged to your account on the last day of each month at the applicable rates.

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Relationship Balance Monthly Entitlement
Over $175,000
  • Unlimited Free Transactions*
$10,000 to $175,000
  • 8 Free ATM or EFTPOS
  • 4 Free Bank@PostTM
  • 3 Free Branch Cash Withdrawals/Member Cheque cashed
  • Monthly VISA Debit Card fee waived

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* Excludes specially requested services charges